Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools – An All in One Utility

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools (XAF Tools)

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot tools may seem to be just a device-specific ADB and Fastboot tools, quite similar to the same tools of other devices. But let me clear the air for you. These Xiaomi tools are not just ADB and Fastboot installers. They are much more than that. One can define it as a utility having multiple tools which are also called modules, in one software.

Xiaomi ADB is a compiled version of Android Debug Bridge that allows users to sideload the official MIUI ROMs to your device using Stock recovery. XAF, the abbreviation for Xiaomi ADB and Fastboot tool, performs the functions of any ADB and Fastboot tool, with one difference that all of these tools have the Graphic User Interface now.

Thus all the newbies can too handle this tool with ease. Now it is not necessary to have all the commands learned to execute them. Once the connection is established with XAF and the users, they can choose the action they want to take.

Advantages of Xiaomi ADB Tool over XiaoMI Tool

  • Xiaomi ADB comprises only 3 MB Size whereas Xiaomi Tool takes over 900 MB Space and hence for those looking for a lesser space-consuming tool, Xiaomi ADB is the first option to go.
  • Xiaomi ADB Tool can be used to install an official MIUI ROM on the device with a Locked Bootloader.
  • Xiaomi ADB Tool is easier to build cross-platform.
  • Xiaomi ADB has proved to be much faster than Xiaomi Tool in the installation procedure.
  • This tool is more precise than Xiaomi Tool as it directly communicates with the device having the incomplete ADB produced by Xiaomi.
  • This tool does not need graphical interaction and it also does not require the device to be functional.

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

Download XAF Tool

The XAF Tool is created by Saki-EU in GitHub. The XAF Tools (Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools) file comes in JAR Format unlike most of the Windows software. This means the XAF tool has been packed within the .jar file. So users will have to run the JRE i.e, Java Runtime Environment to run the app.

The below is the latest version 6.5.X of this tool and it is available to download for different operating systems. All one has to do is download the zip files as per their OS and then the tool will be installed on your PC along with the executable ADB, JAR and Fastboot packages. So here you go –

Windows –




Mac OS –


How to use Xiaomi ADB and Fastboot tool?

Step 1. Download and extract the XAF tool from the links given above.

Step 2. Download the ROM file you want to install from MIUI.

Step 3. Using USB Cables, connect your device to the PC.

Step 4. Now boot your Xiaomi device into Recovery Mode. For this, switch your device off and then press the Volume Up and Power Button together. Soon the device will reboot.

Step 5. Now drag and drop the ROM File on Xiaomiadb.exe. Or you can also open a Command Prompt and then run the below command –

xiaomiadb sideload_miui <filename>

Step 6. Soon your ROM will be installed on the device and the device will reboot.

Step 7. In case you want to do a clean install by formatting data partition, then just reboot your device into Recovery Mode and then run the XiaomiADBFormat-data.

That is how you can use Xiaomi Adb and Fastboot tools to install MIUI ROM updates. Just note that the Stock recovery installation must be validated through the MIUI Update server individually. Thus the installation availablitlity is subject to Xiaomi Policies.

XAF Features

Here are some noteworthy features of the Xiaomi ADB and Fastboot tools you should take a look at –

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools (XAF Tools)

File Explorer

The File Explorer would be the most appreciated feature of the XAF. This feature enables a File Explorer that the MI Users can use to manage their files within the storage of the phone.

Camera 2

This is the most adorable feature of the XAF. Just to enable the Camera 2 API, many Mi users are rushing to unlock the bootloader of their device. When the Camera2 API is enabled, the users can install as many and whichever camera apps they want with manual controls similar to a DSLR.

Through this feature, users can enable and disable the Camera2 API, reboot into recovery, as well as Enable or disable the EIS i.e., Electronic Image Stabilization.


Another noticeable feature of the XAF Tool is the Flasher that allows


With the help of this feature, users can uninstall whichever app they want to including the In-built or default apps like MI Remote, MI Store, MI Scanner, MI Calculator, and so on.

Device Properties

The device properties retrieve many statistics and info regarding the device.


As you might have guessed by the name, the feature of Wiper lets the users perform a factory reset or wipe the cache on the Xiaomi device.

Screen Density

Now it is possible for the users to change the DPI value of their phone screen with ease. As much the DPI is more, the better is the Display. However, a better display can consume more battery power.

MIUI ROM Downloader

Now you do not have to keep browsing just to find the right MIUI ROM for your MI Device. This feature from the XAF tools will get the exact link of MIUI ROM for your device. All you have to do is copy that link for ROM or download it directly.

OEM Locker/Unlocker

If you want to lock or unlock the OEM of your device, you can do so by using this option and not manually following every step to unlock or lock the OEM. However, these features do not run on MIUI devices. It is applicable only to the Android One devices – Mi A1 and Mi A2.


Xiaomi Users can reboot their phones without even touching the power button with the help of the Rebooter.

Concluding Words

Hoping you all found the article of use. In case of any doubts or queries,  do let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out. You can find more useful tools for Xiaomi Phone.

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