One-Click Root tool Download for Redmi Note 7


Redmi Note 7 is one of the amazing Xiaomi devices. It has gained huge popularity over a short span of time and is still gaining despite its successor Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. For all the Redmi Note 7 users out there, here is something that might interest you. Thanks to the amazing developers out there, One-Click Root tool is now available for Redmi Note 7.

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What is One-Click Root Tool for Redmi Note 7?

For those who do not know, as the name suggests, One-Click Root tool for Redmi Note 7 is a Windows Utility tool that can be used to root Redmi Note 7 with just one click. Redmi Note 7 comes with the codename Lavender.


One can have the admin-level access to a powerful device like Redmi Note 7 just by using One-Click Root tool. You can then modify your Note 7 device the way you want. One-Click Root tool was developed by the XDA Developer Pr1nc3V.

The tool was built by using Themida which is considered to be a Trojan or Virus by most of the Antivirus Software. But with the latest version that we have mentioned below, the tool will not be detected as a false mechanism.

How does One-Click Root tool work?

One-Click Root tool, as the name says it all, offers easy rooting of Redmi Note 7. Now rooting Redmi Note 7 is not that difficult of a task but who will not want to root their device if it can be rooted in just one click?

Well, One-Click root tool does not really use a very different method of rooting Android devices but uses the same. It too flashes TWRP Recovery and then uses it to sideload Magisk.

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Download One-Click Root tool for Redmi Note 7

Here is the link to download the latest version of One-Click Root tool for Redmi Note 7 with codename Lavender.

One-Click Root Tool Download for Redmi Note 7


Note – The Redmi Note 7 One-Click Root tool is supportive of Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. However, it might not work properly on the Windows 7 OS.

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Root Redmi Note 7 using One-Click Root tool

Here is a simple guide on how you can root your Redmi Note 7 just in one click using the One-Click Root Tool –

Step 1. To begin with, first of all, Unlock bootloader of your Redmi Note 7.

Step 2. Now download the zip file from the links mentioned above and then extract it on your PC.

Step 3. Then, install Driver.msi file, i.e., ADB fastboot driver.

Step 4. After that, install Redmi Note 7 Rooter.msi program.

Step 5. Now enable USB Debugging on your device.

Step 6. Using USB Cables, connect your Phone to the PC.

Step 7. Then launch the Redmi Note 7 Rooter Tool.

Step 8. You will now see a ‘Device is Connected’ notification on the bottom of the scree at the right side. Or else, you can simply click the ‘Refresh’ button.

Step 9. Finally, hit the ROOT button that shows in the middle of the tool interface.

Now be patient for a while. Soon the root process will go to 100% and your device will reboot.

That is it. That’s how easy it was to use the One-Click Root tool for Redmi Note 7. You can verify if your device has been rooted by using the Root Checker App from Google Play Store.

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Happy Androiding:-)