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Download Latest Gcam For Xiaomi Phones

If you are looking for a way to download GCam and install Google Camera on the Xiaomi device, here is a complete guide to help you out. In this article, we are sharing with you the latest Google Camera APK version for various Xiaomi devices. You can install this APK on Xiaomi phone using the installation guide. So what are you waiting for? Hop in!

What is Google Camera for Xiaomi devices?

Who does not know Google Camera today? When the world is going crazy over pictures and visuals, Google Camera is one of the most amazing apps from Google of all time. Unfortunately this app has been designed specifically for Google Pixel Devices. Meaning that no other OEMs or phones like Samsung devices, Poco Phones, Xiaomi devices, etc. can download this app directly from Google Play Store.

One will have to download and install the Google Camera APK for devices other than Google Pixel. In this case, if you want to use a Google Camera on Xiaomi device, you will have to download and install the Google Camera APK. Do not worry as in this article, we are sharing with you all the latest Google Camera Mod APK for download on Xiaomi devices. Just keep scrolling!

Features of GCam for Xiaomi devices

Google Camera is very well known for its amazing features that have created a need for developers to develop various GCam MODs for different devices.  Here are a few most highlighted features of Google Camera –

Astrophotography Mode

Astrophotography Mode - Gcam for Xiaomi

The astrophotography feature is one of the most preferred and famous features of Google Camera. For those who do not, Astrophotography features can help you get the best images with more clarity even in low light conditions especially with regard to celestial bodies like stars, etc. One can use this feature on Night Sight Mode for a much better quality of images. This latest Astrophotography feature is available on the latest Google Camera 7.0 and Google Camera 7.3 APK.

HDR+ Image Processing on Google Camera

HDR Mode - Gcam for Xiaomi

When you use HDR+ mode, every image that you take is processed out of a number of images with various exposures. This helps in creating a contrast image thus clarifying most of the details of the image.

Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode - Google Camera APk

Portrait Mode helps you in creating a blur effect or bokeh in the background of an image to make the picture look clearer and attractive. This is a common sight when it comes to DSLR Cameras. However, on phones, this is generally not possible. But with Google Camera Apk, you can

Night Sight Mode

Night Mode - Gcam for Xiaomi

Night Sight Mode is another one of the most crucial features of Google Camera. This feature stands out from the general Night Mode features of other Stock cameras. Even in low lighting, you will get the most of light than any similar camera app for Android.

Download Google Camera for Xiaomi Phones

Here are the device-wise Google Camera port for Xiaomi devices that you can download with a click and then install GCam on Xiaomi phone using the installation guide given below –

Gcam For Xiaomi Devices

Install Google Camera on Xiaomi Phone

Google Camera is an application meant for Google Pixel devices. This app cannot be installed on a Xiaomi device using Google Play Store like other apps. One will have to install the Google Camera Apk on its non-Pixel device.

In order to install GCam port on the Xiaomi device, if the device is running on Android OS Oreo or later, you will already have enabled Camera2 API on the device. When the Camera2 API is enabled, just follow the below steps to install GCam on Xiaomi device –

Step 1. From the links mentioned above, download Google Camera APK as per the Xiaomi device.

Step 2. On the Xiaomi device, go to Settings and enable Unknown Sources installation.

Install Gcam apk on Xiaomi Phones

Step 3. In the case of Xiaomi devices running on or above Android 8 Oreo, go to Settings> Apps and Notifications> Open the App. i.e., File Manager/ Chrome/ Firefox, etc.

Install Gcam apk on Xiaomi Devices

Step 4. Then go to Install Unknown Apps> Enable Allows from this source.

Step 5. When you enable installation from unknown sources, click on the Google Camera Downloaded app.

Download Gcam apk

Step 6. When the app is finally installed, clear the app data for better results.

Download Gcam apk for Xiaomi Download Gcam apk (Google Camera Apk)

You are now all set to open and enjoy the app and its amazing features!

That is it. That’s how easy it is to install Google Camera on Xiaomi devices. I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed the Google Camera on Xiaomi device with the help of the above article. Stay tuned for more such posts!

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