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Features and advantages of using TikTok

Features and advantages of using TikTok

TikTok is a social network that is rapidly taking a leading position. That is why the topic of tick-Tok cheating becomes relevant. The audience is growing every day. Most of the users are young people. Let’s try to understand what are the features of using TikTok, why it is so popular among young people, and how to buy TikTok likes Content:

  • What is TikTok?
  • Navigation
  • Possible actions
  • Account tincture
  • Adding videos
  • Add music
  • Add effects
  • Promotion
  • Summary

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network, the key feature of which is the ability to upload short videos up to 15 seconds. You can apply various effects and music. You can also publish multiple videos by merging them into a single story for up to 60 seconds. To increase the number of fans, for beginners there is a possibility about how to get more followers on TikTok

The app has Chinese roots. It first appeared in 2016 on the basis of one of the music platforms. TikTok is not exactly a social network in the sense that you are used to imagining it. This is a platform through which users can share unique content.

The functionality is similar to Instagram. The essence of publications and the form of presentation have some differences. Among the distinctive features – the ability to add music to short videos, various special effects. Here you can find different presentation formats and options depending on your preferences. It is enough to study the platform’s capabilities. 

Among the interesting innovations – recording duets and reaction. This feature allows you to record a video together with another user, showing their reaction. In this case, two participants are displayed on the screen, creating a kind of Duo. 


The home page is almost identical to Instagram. The feed displays posts based on your preferences and other application algorithms. There is one feature that baffles some. When you first launch the program, a full-screen video is randomly triggered. If you don’t press anything, it will loop. 

To view the next post, you need to flip the page to the other side. If you turn the screen over, the recording will not start playing.

Navigation at the top of the screen allows you to switch between different publications that are selected according to your preferences. The main menu items are located at the bottom of the screen:

  • Home – displays updates in the feed. 
  • Search – Search for new information for a specific query. Displaying interesting and relevant content.
  • Add – add a new publication to the page.
  • Notification-view notifications.
  • Profile-view of your page.

The control panel is much like Instagram. Users of the social network can quickly learn the basics of using the platform. 

Possible actions

Video search is the main function that allows you to find the content of interest for a specific query. Just enter a hashtag, subscribe to the page, and track the owner’s actions. As with other social networks, you can like someone whose content you like. 

When viewing a video clip, a panel is located on the side. It has several components – the user’s avatar, heart, video comments, and the ability to share content. The song’s name is displayed at the bottom. Also, if you click on the image for a long time, you will open additional settings. You can refuse the offer to view such content if you are not interested in it.

Account settings

TikTok provides many features for its users. You can adjust your profile to any parameters that you like. Add unique videos, create high-quality content, and gain subscribers.

Adding a video

Adding a video is easy enough. Go to the main panel and click on the plus sign. There are two possible options: adding an existing record or creating a new one. The following tools are available for video recording:

  • effects;
  • masks;
  • filters;
  • mode switching;
  • switching the camera;
  • deceleration or acceleration.

After setting all the necessary settings, start recording content. You can stop recording at any time. After the shooting is complete, you can make edits and add music. Then enter hashtags, geolocation, and mark other users, if necessary. You can publish an entry. 

Adding music

While recording, go to the corresponding page to open the library. Music is sorted into separate categories. The first tab displays popular. After the song has been selected, it is automatically superimposed on the video.

Add effects

To do this, go to the appropriate tab. You can choose special effects before recording a video or while editing it. Here, too, each item is in a specific category. 


To become popular, you should analyze trends. Select a specific topic that you want to promote. The first step to success is careful planning. Also, follow these recommendations:

  • Create an account. Come up with a unique name, profile description, and select a thematic photo.
  • Explore similar profiles. See how they attract subscribers.
  • Analyze which publications are included in the recommended ones.
  • Create unusual content for the purpose of publishing. 

To buy TikTok views, you should follow certain rules. We do not recommend doing this yourself, as your page may be frozen for a long time without recovery.

Competent fraud implies the ability to use the services of the relevant company. For example, ALL-SMM, which provides a wide range of services for customers. 

Other methods include mutual likes. Put likes on the pages of other users, they will do the response procedure. Leave comments on thematic profiles. 


TikTok is a popular social network with many features. Here everyone can embody their creativity. And how to get more followers on TikTok and become popular, you can use the services of specialists.

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